Adopt - Southern White Rhino - Shared Care

Adopt - Southern White Rhino - Shared Care

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Miracle the Zebra

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Adopt Miracle the Zebra
Shared Care parents receive an official adoption certificate, zookeepers notes about their animal, a photo of their new family member and a button. ($30).

Parent Plus adopters receive the benefits listed above and an "Adopt an Animal" magnet. ($60)

Grandparent Care parents receive everything above and NC Zoo tote bag.($100)

Ambassador Care parents add a cuddly plush to the items above and receive recognition on the Society's Adopt Honor Roll ($500)

Rare Care parents add a behind-the-scenes tour and lunch for four to all the benefits above and are listed in the NC Zoo Society's annual report.

*These benefits may change based on the availability of listed items. If items are not available, Zoo Society staff will replace them with similar items of equal or greater value.

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Shared Care

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Grantparent Care [Add $70.00 (USD)]

Ambassador Care [Add $470.00 (USD)]

Rare Care [Add $970.00 (USD)]

Base Price: $0.00 (USD)
Customized Price: $30.00 (USD)

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